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How to upload videos/ pictures on FarmClust

Upload, delete, or replace videos for your products and stories
Written by FarmClust Support
Updated 1 year ago

Currently, you can upload videos for your product listing or story sharing by adding the link to your Youtube or Facebook video 

From your supplier dashboard, go to  Add product or Add story  page

  1. Select the source you are uploading from (Facebook or Youtube)
  2. Copy the URL of the video from your source site
  3. Paste into the Embed video section
  4. To add picture, Click on Upload photos button 
  5. Fill in other relevant information on the form
  6. Submit

Remove picture or Video

To remove a picture,

From your dashboard, Go to my product or story page

Scroll down to find the thumbnails of uploaded pictures

click the ‘x’ sign at the top right corner of the thumbnail picture you want to delete

To replace, Click on the upload picture button and add your preferred picture

For video, Delete the video link. The for Video type section, pick the select option

To replace video follow the add product or story steps above

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