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How To Be A Supplier on FarmClust

Requirements for intending suppliers on Farmclust
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To be a supplier on FarmClust website, Australia, you will need to be:

  • A registered business in Australia.
  • Operating with relevant regulatory license or/and approval from your local council as required of your business by Food Authority in your state.  
  • You must be willing to, and comply with with all regulatory and food safety requirement for your business. Please ensure you are familiar with all food regulations that apply to your industry. 
  • Compulsory Disclosure: You must be willing to disclose the source and where feasible, welfare of the products you are offering for sale to customers in your locality. For example xyz Farms Nowra, My home garden etc.

    The essence of FarmClust is to help consumers know exactly where their food is coming from, how it was grown and what it contains in order to be able to make informed choices on how they eat and what they eat. As a supplier on FarmClust you are obligated to disclose with all honesty where your supplies originate from and their welfare.

2. You will need to have the following information 

  • ABN or ACN number
  • Your business name, contact details and location

3. You will also need documents that show you are duly approved or licensed to operate the business you would like to trade with on FarmClust. Examples of such documents include but may not be limited to the following:

  • NSW- Relevant Council notification/ Approval 
  • Relevant food licences
  • Freelance butchers: Evidence of completion of apprenticeship + minimum of certificate III in Meat processing(retail butcher) + CV + food safety training.
  • Transport & logistics: would include Vehicle insurance, food authority license and any other document that you need to operate your business normally in Australia.

After registration on FarmClust, You will still be responsible for ensuring your business maintains the highest possible level of food safety standards as required by the law and necessary to keep Australians healthy and happy.

Useful Links

Primary Production and Processing (PPP) Standards -

Safe Food Australia - A guide to the Food Safety Standards

Australian Farmer's Market Association has a done a good job to publicize a food safety guide for farmers and producers in the primary food industry. Please find link below:

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