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Guidelines for posting stories

Things to know before posting stories on FarmClust
Written by FarmClust Support
Updated 1 year ago

Kindly do your best protect your local food community from abuse by reporting stories that go against the good spirit and intent of the community.

FarmClust as a social food community is intentended to be a welcoming place for sharing, learning and discovering new or disappearing things, art and culture about foods. On this premise, it is certain that there will be diversity of food information based on people's experience, food culture, personal beliefs and many more. Therefore we have created this guideline to promote a considerate and reasonably accomodating food community on Farmclust.

When sharing and posting stories on FarmClust, please DO NOT:


  • Post false, abusive, offensive, defamatory or insensitive contents that may cause harm to other users and/ or their business 
  • Defame other local businesses or community members in order to put yourself or business in a good light or at better advantage or for any reason whatsoever.
  • Use your story to condemn other people's personal belief or food preference. Remember, one man's food will always be another man's poison
  • Post unrelated, irrelevant, gruesome, sensual stories or stories that can cause psychological disturbance or affect other people negatively.
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