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Create a buyer account

How to create a buyer account as a supplier and shop for products
Written by FarmClust Support
Updated 1 year ago

Your default account will be the type of account you created when you first signed up on FarmClust. Each time you sign in, you will always be logged in to your default account. If you need to change roles to a buyer or supplier, please follow the steps below. 

To shop as a supplier, you need to switch to a customer's account. 

To sell products as a buyer, you need to create a supplier's account or switch to a supplier's account.

Please note that, your dashboard as a supplier is different from your dashboard as a custmer. You will be managing each account from their respective dashboard.

To switch accounts:

  1. Log in
  2. Click on the your account name at the top right corner of your page
  3. From the drop down menu, select switch to customer
  4. If you have not been previously registered as a customer, you will be prompted to fill in details required for customers. Follow through the process and enjoy shopping.
  5. To go back to your Supplier dashboard, follow step 2 and click on switch to supplier

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