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Selling guidelines

Things to know before you start selling on FarmClust
Written by FarmClust Support
Updated 11 months ago

Our guidelines are intended to help make the trading experience on FarmClust a great one for all users. As a supplier, you're expected to regularly review and comply with these guidelines, You are also expected to consciously work towards giving your customers a wonderful shopping experience by the way you conduct your business on the Marketplace.

We advise that you read and understand FarmClust’s selling guidelines before you list your products. This would prevent you from accidentally breaking any rules which may lead to certain actions against your store. 

If you trade in a manner that works against the goodwill of the platform and other suppliers on the platform, we may restrict or suspend you from buying, selling or being listed on FarmClust’s supplier’s directory. We may remove your listed products, make them rank lower or not show them in search result. This would however, NOT exempt you from paying any applicable fee or entitle you to a refund. 

Please find details of our guiding principles below

Clear, accurate and detailed listing
Ensure your listing shows all necessary information required for customers to make an informed decision when buying from you. Information should cover item description, expected delivery/ pick up time, accurate description of pick up location, cost of delivery, honest declaration of your product’s origin and lifetime welfare, how it is packaged, your refund and returns policy as well as other special terms and conditions of product handling that buyer needs to be aware of before buying from you.

Quick response and effective communication
Respond to buyers’ questions, concerns, complaints and inquiries promptly. Update customer order status as you progress with order fulfilment process. If there are changes in situation, keep your customers informed and let them know what you are doing to meet their expectations.

Never use an offensive, discriminatory or profane language in your business dealings on FarmClust.


Make sure the available product quantity on listings is accurate and up to date. Never list a product that is not ready or available for sale.

Delivery / pick up

Be clear on your delivery timescales. As much as possible, never keep a customer waiting beyond the time promised. If this is inevitable, keep your customers updated.

Food delivery persons MUST always show up at customers’ location looking clean and thoroughly kempt. S/he should attend to customers in a courteous, professional and friendly manner.

If you are using third party delivery services, ensure they are able to offer their services to your customers in an excellent manner and to expectation.

Pick up location must be clearly described, clean and safe for customers. If there are any rules or restrictions at pick up location, please state these clearly. If you can, make pick up location accessible and convenient for customers who have disabilities. Where this is not possible, please state clearly in your pick up note section that, pick up location is not currently accessible to people with disability.

Cancelling a transaction

Once in a while, you may need to cancel a transaction for genuine reasons. In such cases, you must first contact the affected customer and let them know that you are cancelling the transaction and the reason why. Please note that, if your account is flagged for frequent cancellation of orders, your search ranking will be automatically affected. Read How to cancel a transaction

Due to the peculiarity of most products sold on FarmClust, you are not required to accept returns. However, if your products are returnable, we encourage you to accept returns to increase buyer confidence. If you do accept returns, you must honour the return policy you stated once the return meets your stated conditions.

If you do not accept returns, please state it clearly when listing your product

If you accept returns, you must provide options, cost implication and process for returns when listing your product.

Free pricing

Maintain a free pricing policy free from exploitation or price fixing in consultation and agreement with other suppliers

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